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Women and Children's Center Visitor Guidelines

Women and Children's Center has open visiting hours but visitors will be encouraged to be sensitive to the needs of the patients throughout the unit. The number of visitors per patient on WCC unit should be based upon the patient's wishes, respect for roommate (if applicable), census, and staff needs related to patient care activities. IDPH recommends no more than two visitors/patient.

In accordance with IDPH licensure regulations for hospitals: "Children under 12 years of age may not visit unless accompanied by an adult. Children under 6 years of age may not visit unless patient is in a private room or a special visiting room can be arranged." No one under the age of 18 will be allowed to spend the night with a patient that has been admitted to the Women and Children's Center. Exception: birth partner/father of baby in Labor & Delivery or parent/guardian of pediatric patient.

Vaginal Birth

There is a limit of two visitors who may be present during the labor process, birth, and recovery period. (Recovery period equals 1-2 hours after birth). Patients may alternate their visitors (staying within the two visitor limit) until patient enters the active phase of labor or at the Physician/Nurse discretion.

Cesarean Birth

One designated birth partner may accompany patient to the surgical suite. The cesarean birth cannot be an emergency, and the expectant mother must be awake for the surgery to have the birth partner in attendance. During the recovery period (1-2 hrs), the designated birth partner and baby may enter the patients' room only if/when recovery staff deem post-surgical mom is stable.

Postpartum mothers

Postpartum mothers in LDRP (private room) setting may have one overnight guest over the age of 18. During other visiting hours, the birth partner plus two visitors may be in the room if the patient condition allows. Patients may alternate their visitors (staying within the visitor limit) until discharge. Well siblings of the newborn may be allowed in the room under the direct supervision of another adult, even if this exceeds the above stated visitor maximum for a brief period.

Adult patients

Adult patients admitted to the Women & Children’s unit that have roommates are not encouraged to have overnight guests stay in room, but guest may utilize the Family Lounge. Adult patients with no roommate may have an overnight guest but overnight guest may not have use of other hospital bed in room.

Pediatric patient

A parent or responsible adult is encouraged to spend the night, but it is not required. Whenever possible, a cot or bed will be provided for the parent/responsible adult.

In summary, we will allow 2 visitors at a time for all patients with the exception of postpartum patients who will be allowed a total of 3 visitors at a time. They may switch out visitors as often as they want so long as they do not exceed the maximum in the room at a time. Overnight is limited to one visitor over 18 years unless they meet the exception listed. Should a patient be in a semi-private room with a roommate, we will also restrict visitors to one per patient at a time.