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Prairie Medical Pharmacy

1000 Health Center Drive
Mattoon, IL
217 258-2411

8:30 am to 5 pm – Monday through Friday

Getting your prescription filled at Prairie Medical Pharmacy has never been easier or more convenient. Located off the Health Center's main lobby (Entrance A) we're right on your way.

   • No extra trips to pick up medications.
   • No long delays at the pharmacy

New Services Offered

Medication Counseling
Do you have questions about your new medications?
Before leaving Sarah Bush Lincoln, a licensed pharmacist will come to your room to review all your medications with you and answer any questions you might have.

Meds to Beds First Fill Program
Save yourself a trip to the pharmacy on the way home from the hospital and get your new medications filled before you leave the hospital with our new First Fill Program. At Prairie Medical Pharmacy we will fill your new medications and deliver them to your hospital room before you are discharged.

Co-pay Assistance/Low-Cost Preferred Medications
As SBL preferred pharmacy, employees receive discounted co-pays when they fill their prescriptions with us.

Medications can be expensive, and some insurance formularies won’t cover them. Prairie Medical Pharmacy will work with you to help you pay for your medications through prescription drug assistance programs with manufacturing companies and local and area organizations.

Also, developed is a Low-Cost Medication list. Check with the pharmacy to see if your medications are on the list.

Delivery Service
Prairie Medical Pharmacy will deliver medications right to your door in Coles County. Call Prairie Medical Pharmacy to request your refill at 217 258-2411.

Mobile App
Submit refill 24/7, set reminders and access your account with our mobile app.

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As an added plus, we'll work with your Sarah Bush Lincoln doctor to keep track of all your medications so that you can be provided with a personalized medication list.